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make techno, they said. it's fun, they said.
and they were right. I have had so much fun writing and recording this. well, find out yourselves.

deep in the human consciousness is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. but the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

frank herbert, Dune

I just remembered how I got into mastering. I had the choice between paying >=100€ for every single album I'd put out (which are >100 till date) or paying 50€ for a decent loudness meter and 50€ for Bob Katz's "Mastering Audio - the art and the science" once.
a no-brainer because I was young and needed the money.
interesting is that because of this decision I nowadays occasionally generate money through mastering music for others.

@openmastering btw - you're the first person I met who uses Bitwig on Linux. I think it's a great move by them to deliver for all three major ecosystems.

that awkward moment when you realize what you have done during the last 7 years.

and then listen to this new album by @TQ, whose music I didn't know before. lovely little songs at the intersection of electronics and minor tuned pop.🖤

listen to this fantastic album by my friend Phirnis - he's the master of chill noise, in case you didn't know.🖤

here's the pond where I hang out if I want to be alone, meditate, and listen to music.🖤

not even 24hours post release there's this wonderful review by Eternity Tree. I'm stoked.🖤

here's a set of codes for my new album. exclusively for the mastodon crew.
redeem yours here:

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