just had my weekly match against/with my dad. today we played on the board that @Roofhare gave me as a payment for my mastering services. my other board is at my parents' place, because we are playing here and there in weekly change.

hopefully someone else will get up soon. I need help to operate this obscure machine.

we're visiting my brother in Chemnitz/Saxonia this weekend. it's good to see him again. we've only seen the roads from the central station to his home last night so far. Chemnitz was called "Karl-Marx-Stadt" between 1953 and 1990, btw. here's the monument at the former Karl-Marx-forum, pictures taken last night.
read more about the city here:

Eastern Hall at Leipzig Central Station, built between 1909-1915. "impressive" seems to be an appropriate term.

make techno, they said. it's fun, they said.
and they were right. I have had so much fun writing and recording this. well, find out yourselves.

that awkward moment when you realize what you have done during the last 7 years.

here's the pond where I hang out if I want to be alone, meditate, and listen to music.🖤

here's a set of codes for my new album. exclusively for the mastodon crew.
redeem yours here:

good morning y'all! after having recorded and tinkered a edition last night I decided to release my new album LESS tonight.
let the good times roll.

good morning, hope you're having a pleasant day so far. mine started well, because:

"LESS" is officially finished.

sort track order ✅
finish artwork for tape and digi ✅
master ✅
tag ✅

tapes will be recorded on demand this time, with one example copy in advance for bandcamp pics. also I'll only promote the album here on this site and through bandcamp messaging because I'm tired of shouting album announcements into the void/bin.🖤

new album is coming together nicely. of 9 layed out tracks/sketches 6 are finished, 1 is in mixdown, 2 need a good few more hours. taking mastering into account it should be in early to mid June that this is ready for release on and digital. both via bandcamp.

10km up the river, before the weir. no tide here, only huge greens and windpower turbines.

down by the river at low water. normally all the rocky part is flooded. the water is very low even if you take the tidal range into account.

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