after 7 days of sickness we're finally starting to feel human again. Mrs has tested negative this morning, I haven't yet. maybe tomorrow. I can't describe the effects of COVID any differently than...weird. it has really messed up my perception of time and also made me very sensitive to all kinds of sensorial impressions like sound, light, smell and even the feeling of wind on my skin (same described by Mrs). my asthma sucks badly after this though, still slight cough and heavy exhaustion.

we had to quit camping halfway through. we never did that before. it wasn't because of the weather but because of COVID. now Mrs and I are down in bed. outdoor season opening, eh?

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just had my weekly match against/with my dad. today we played on the board that @Roofhare gave me as a payment for my mastering services. my other board is at my parents' place, because we are playing here and there in weekly change.

if any of my people on here love some good then you maybe should give these sets a spin. I recorded 13hrs of mixes containing , , and related genres, basically the sound of young me's nights in the 90s plus what developed from it in the 00s and 10s.
obscene amounts of coming in, you've been warned.

The best answers to your questions come from you.

it's Mrs' birthday today. I gave her 5 different types of plant tinder plus a telescope blowpipe because she loves to make fire when we're out camping. it's been such a joy to see her smile like a child. she didn't want to work but rather wanted to start a fire in our backyard. well, we're going camping from Wednesday till Sunday and I know I'll be warm during the nights.🖤

*cleans throat*

make music, they said. it's fun, they said.
so, here I am.

I've once been called "an overall musical goofball" and I guess that very much sums it up.
I ran 2 labels, made countless hours of music (literally) and I sometimes master music for friends.
otherwise I love to be out in the woods, collect tapes and trading cards and chill with my Mrs.


thanks for your interest.
*mic drop*

I'm not sure if an album that's one day older than two weeks is still counting as new in these strange times.
if so, here's my new album LESS.
if not, here's my latest album LESS.
techno for the heads, love for the hardest people.

I got LESS in the house!
Latest release from @TriumCirculorum

no coffee yet. I'm drinking water and am listening to dub instead. plus an occasional cigarette.

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hopefully someone else will get up soon. I need help to operate this obscure machine.

we're visiting my brother in Chemnitz/Saxonia this weekend. it's good to see him again. we've only seen the roads from the central station to his home last night so far. Chemnitz was called "Karl-Marx-Stadt" between 1953 and 1990, btw. here's the monument at the former Karl-Marx-forum, pictures taken last night.
read more about the city here:

Eastern Hall at Leipzig Central Station, built between 1909-1915. "impressive" seems to be an appropriate term.

The voting period has officially started, and will run from now until saturday afternoon.
Precise closing time will follow.

Voting works by mentioning this bot and writing "vote xxxx" where xxxx is the four letter code for the song you want to vote for.

The four letter codes can be found in square brackets in the playlist:

A description of the voting process is also available here:

Let the voting begin!

#FediVision #FediVision2022

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Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you,
or home is nowhere at all.


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