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Current situation. 56 yr old tattooed music fanatic. Like mostly rock and metal but I am open to most music types. Retired almost 2 years. Into bird photography. Single and bored. Love traveling especially to concerts in new cities. I also enjoy trying new restaurants as well as cooking.

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hey friends, seen any good concerts lately?

Tomorrow I start my 2300 mile road trip from Texas to Sasketchwan canada. I am driving solo and it will be 6 days there. I have never driven more than 600 mile from home. I have flown all over the country and world just never have driven. I will see Rushmore as well as deadwood and theodore roosevelt national park. Bringing my camera and all my lenses

Well I pulled it all off. I got 3 sticks and some bruises but what a relief. That contrast they inject for the scan are insane. I mean it is pushed so fast. Makes you feel on fire. Infusion went super easy even though it got moved to early and not at 6pm

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Got this record in the mail the yesterday. Notice anything wrong?

so quiet here. I have a ct scan on my lungs today and then my infusion nurse comes at 6 for my Crohns infusion I do every 6 weeks. It was supposed to be 2 days ago but I had like 4 cancellations by nurses due to them being sick

Once again overwhelmed with medical problems and appointments craziness. Then add on my adult daughters and their issues(poor), housing issues ect

Ended up getting 5 bucks refunded. I was not gonna jump through all their hoops to return it. It was only 17 bucks. The record plays fine just need a different jacket for it

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Got this record in the mail the yesterday. Notice anything wrong?

@Dreamer9177 My favorite band right now is Lucero. Went to see them in Denver and Orville was the opening act.,

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I’m pleased to see my hobby project is getting a little traction via it’s YouTube channel; however, other than the live stream all of the content can be found on the web at or via a daily reminder by following @view

If you use YT, and are inclined, I still would love a follow. Six more and I can get a custom URL:

Was on a FB live video with a record store. Bought a few cool albums and it was a lot of fun. Not an auction. It's all set price but first to say sold wins it

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Liz Phair and Rage Against the Machine: great music for traveling.

this is just another place where I will be ignored. I hoped it would be better but my interactions here are probably worse than Twitter

I am so tired. Everything I do is for someone else. Partner, kids, parents, friends etc. When the hell is it time for me

The bass player and Vocalist for Canadian band Monster Truck has a cool book out on Bandcamp. A Children's book that celebrates diversity in career and lifestyle of fathers worldwide. Pretty cool idea. I mean dads can be rockers, tattoo artists etc and.

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Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
Released in 1991, this tune by the US grunge band is still one of the defining rock songs of the 1990ies.

#musicfromthe90ies #postpunk #grunge #nirvana

Need to pick these up from my dad. His 45 record album and this player. He had these in the airforce in 1955

Being the day it is I felt this was appropriate. This is a retelling of a story Ben's Granpa told him about his time serving WW2. I am including a link to the lyrics here because you need to read them. If you or a friend lost a grandparent or parent or even a son or daughter in any war. You need to hear this song

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