Hi all - by way of a quick my name is Jon and I ran/run Revival Records for more than 20 years now - started off as a digital archival/restoration service but now mainly just a collector and enthusiast of vinyl, tapes, 8-tracks etc.

I'll mostly be posting reviews here and finds.

Glad to be on board!

@revivalrecords I’ve been slowly digitising and remastering my cassette collection ( those that don’t jam AND can’t be found in any other format) for a few years now. I’m only an amateur but it’s been a rewarding process. I’m still amazed at how much stuff is lost in the archives where the masters are no doubt rotting!

@masterofsorrow It’s a lovely thing to do, very rewarding. I once digitised an entire Jazz collection for somebody who had collected around 1000 rare albums that never made it to CD. Digitised to CD and submitted to iTunes. Artwork for CDs too. Like I say, very rewarding to know you’ve helped preserve this stuff.

@revivalrecords 1000! As a lot of it has to be done in real time that’s one hell of an effort! I’m currently in a race against time before more of my cassettes start sticking and triggering the auto stop or have too much wow and flutter.

@alan @revivalrecords I’m using Soundforge Audio Cleaning Lab which is the cheapest in that line and does what I need it to do ie. remove as much hum and crackle and noise as I can. Some of my tapes are DJ mix tapes that I bought so are already second generation. I do sometimes tweak the sound in the remastering so it’s pleasing to me (audio purists now screaming). The more expensive versions probably do a better job but I can’t justify the price difference.

@revivalrecords@walkman.social Just heard walkman.social is closing down. Shame. Anyway, layer8 feels a groovy place to be :hecker:

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