Due to a new understanding that many parts of a local mastodon server are un-moderatable. I'm no longer comfortable hosting content for those i don't know. walkman.social will be shutting down completely on Dec 5th 2022.

Please use the next three months to export your information and move to a new server.


I'm still looking for info on this. It's a mystery and I hate mysteries. Does anybody out there have any idea who The LDVs are and where this 7" came from? It's possibly the only one in the world!

Hi all - by way of a quick my name is Jon and I ran/run Revival Records for more than 20 years now - started off as a digital archival/restoration service but now mainly just a collector and enthusiast of vinyl, tapes, 8-tracks etc.

I'll mostly be posting reviews here and finds.

Glad to be on board!

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