I have a dehydrator once again and I’m gunna make eggplant and tofu jerkies.

TW: Injury 

So I broke my middle finger on Monday. I got my hand caught in the door at a guitar store. It felt real bad and I almost fainted. But I got home, washed and dressed the wound. Thought I’d be OK. Next morning typing was hurting so I went to the urgent care and now I’m in the club of people who have broken a bone. Decades after I quit skating.

Liz Phair and Rage Against the Machine: great music for traveling.

Finally seeing Pedro the Lion live. Big bucket list band that I just never got a chance to see.

My next album is going to be about transitioning from lockdown back to being in social environments. Don’t have a band name yet, but the album will be called, “Having Stomach Cramps In Public Again.”

If you like what you heard from Camp Trash, you should definitely check out their label mates, thank you, im sorry.



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It’s not too late to buy one of my favorite records of 2022, Little Green House by Anxious. There isn’t a miss on this album, each song is another great pop punk banger.



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I’m going to be preordering The Long Way, The Slow Way by Camp Trash. Catchy fourth wave emo from Florida, coming out in July.


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You can also preorder Angel Olsen’s upcoming album. The two tracks we’ve heard so far are wonderful western ballads. I’m expecting this album to rank high on my year end list.



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Taiwan’s elite mathrock group Elephant Gym has a new album out on May 11, and you can preorder it now. The little bits I’ve heard have proggy bass riffs over their usual twinkly guitars and it works so well.



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Back in March, Oso Oso dropped a new album and I missed it till this month. It’s shiny, easy emo that gives me 14:59 vibes in a good way.



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CW for blood in the YouTube video. 

If you’re looking for something heavier, check out Do It With A Smile by thirdface. Dynamic, vicious hardcore.



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If you have not yet heard Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You by Big Thief, this is a great time to check out one of the most eclectic yet cogent albums of the year.



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Partisan Records is donating their profits to the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. I recommend using that as an opportunity to check out NoSo. I heard about her from a YouTube video where she was shredding on a Danelectro at a guitar store. Guitar forward indie pop.



Partisan: partisanrecords.bandcamp.com/

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Merge Records is donating their profits to the Carolina Abortion Fund. That's big stuff like Superchunk, Magnetic Fields, Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.

So now is as good a time as any to get into your favorite band’s favorite neo-psychedelic pop band, The Essex Green.



Merge: mergerecords.bandcamp.com/

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Amelia Jackie’s You Can’t Fuck The Internet skillfully mixes indie and Americana. It’s a refreshing, catchy, and fun album.



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I highly recommend football, etc. as one of the better bands with a sports related name. Their 2017 release Corner and their 2022 EP Vision are both worth a listen if you like stuff like The Hotelier and Julien Baker.



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