please pardon the messy table ^___T now that i just posted this im thinking they missed the opportunity to put the police's message in a bottle in costner's film message in a bottle.. 😷

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been a while since i updated so before i go back to ny uni town here are some stuff i could get around this break!! i love film soundtracks so much!!!! currently listening to too much sting and bryan adams stuffs lmao.. really glad that i got the three musketeers (and godzilla 1998!) in mint :"D and found this bizarre audiotape of space sheriff gavan..?????? also a big fan of compilations in general.. nghfb's compilation from last year is really good and i had to buy both the cd and cassette lol

finally got to be in my college's town again so i can post some kevin costner films soundtracks i got from the old music store nearby💥

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