When you get out of the shower, what's the first thing you see?


Work is over. Time to crank up some Kiss and have a Sycamore Juciness \m/ \m/

What the hell Suzuki? Strange that they are having sunch a good year and they want to pull the pin. But, Dorna seems to have other ideas.


Going to get a ride in today after work. Looks like the weekend is gonna be a wet one.

Wordle 319 3/6


I should try out for Wheel of Fortune. Yep, that's what I should do.

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If you actively post about #cycling, I want to follow you. Gravel, MTB, road, XC... doesn't matter.

Wordle 318 3/6


No yellow squares today

Wordle 317 3/6


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Sunday morning jazz and coffee brought to you by John Coltrane and Kenny Burrell

Let's do international jazz day with some...Art Pepper first

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#caturday I live in a beautiful and "human empty" place in the mountains, and my animal companions live a pretty free life. When I walk the dogs my cats usually come with us, specially her, Svarti ❤️. She's a free spirit that cannot be tamed and loves to explore, run and live adventures!
And when she's tired she jumps in my back without a warning and makes herself comfortable to avoid walking for a while 😂

#cats #landscape #mountains

Today's record store find. Original 1976 pressing of Boston's first album. Masterpiece!

Plus...it was only $5! Cover is beat up but the record is 100% solid

Thanks Underdog Records!!!!

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Saturday morning Jazz and coffe. A bit of an overcast morning so this felt appropriate.

Today, I'm impressive. No, no, ladies...I'm married.

Wordle 315 3/6


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